3 teams BYU might want to see in the Big 12 Tournament

Here are some teams that the Cougars would love a shot at in the Big 12 Tournament.

Jaxson Robinson glides to an uncontested layup
Jaxson Robinson glides to an uncontested layup / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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BYU's first season in the Big 12 has been every bit as exciting as fans could have hoped for. Huge upsets, nail-biting wins, and comeback victories have Cougar Nation optimistic that Provo is finally the home of a legitimate basketball team again. While the season has been mostly positive for a BYU team that won't stop surprising us, a few slip-ups along the way leave the Cougars with unfinished business.

For much of conference play, BYU has been a tale of two teams; it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For every exhilarating win, they would temper fans' optimism with a head-scratching loss. After beating Iowa State, they dropped a game where they held a huge lead against Texas Tech. After taking down Baylor, they fell off a cliff against Kansas State. With the big wins, we learned that this team is capable of beating almost anyone. With the baffling defeats, however, we learned that this is still a team that is learning how to compete in their new conference, and will have to endure some growing pains before they're ready to be a real contender for the Big 12 crown.

But now, BYU is beginning to put the pieces together. After starting their conference slate with a 2-4 record, Mark Pope & Co. has won 7 of their last 10 Big 12 games and sits at 9-7 and 4th place in league play. While on this run, many outlying losses are still present in the minds of fans, and make us wish that they could have that game back. Fortunately, the conference tournament provides the chance to right some of the wrongs made in the early season, and BYU would love the chance for a grudge match against the losses that don't sit right.