Aly Khalifa hasn't ruled out a return to BYU

Khalifa has announced his final 3 transfer destinations, and BYU is still in the running.
Khalifa celebrates a 3-pointer during a home game in Provo
Khalifa celebrates a 3-pointer during a home game in Provo / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

When Aly Khalifa was announced as a transfer to BYU, most fans were underwhelmed. We didn't know who this guy from Charlotte was, and we had grown accustomed to seeing underwhelming talent targeting a roster spot in Provo, while the exciting names often landed elsewhere.

Yet, when Khalifa announced that he'd be entering the transfer portal one day after Mark Pope accepted the head coach position for Kentucky, Cougar Nation collectively mourned at the idea that one of BYU's best and most exciting players could be leaving after a solitary season with the Cougs.

Khalifa wasn't the fastest or most athletic player on the floor. Ever. But after he dazzles you with his array of precision passing, 3-point shooting, and basketball brilliance, you'll always want to see him play one more time. For BYU fans, that time may be coming to an end.

Not all hope is lost, however, as Khalifa informed On3 Sports of his final 3 choices in the transfer portal. Khalifa is currently weighing his options of leaving for Kentucky or Louisville, or staying in Provo.

While many Cougar fans share Jeremy Renner's sentiment of, "Don't do that. Don't give me hope." Knowing that he is still considering a stay in Provo is a nugget of good news that BYU desperately needed amidst the impending flood of transfers.

Quick side note, on the Twitter post announcing his final 3, what's going on with the BYU logo? Is the color washing out? I realize this isn't important, but I feel like I would explode if I didn't address it.

Khalifa had a unique role in Provo and was a focal point of the Cougars' offense. It's not easy to find a home like he did in Provo where the team flows through him, but with Mark Pope out of the picture, it's easy to understand why he would want to follow his coach. Despite our "I love Aly Khalifa" tattoos, we get it.

Even if Khalifa were to stay with the Cougars, the offense would be different, and things wouldn't be the same for the big man. Like I said when Pope left for Lexington when Kentucky offers you a spot, you take it. The same applies to Khalifa, as playing for a program like Kentucky can be a dream scenario for any college hooper.

No matter where Khalifa lands, Cougar Nation will still send him their support. He's a terrific player and will be a fantastic addition wherever he ends up. Thanks for everything, Aly.

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