Best NFL Careers in BYU football history

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, let's take a look at some of BYU's greatest NFL success stories.
Steve Young slings a pass for the San Francisco 49ers
Steve Young slings a pass for the San Francisco 49ers / Kirby Lee/GettyImages
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Fred Warner - Linebacker

Career Highlights: 3x 1st-Team All-Pro, 3x Pro Bowl

Fred Warner
Fred Warner rallies the 49ers defense in their Super Bowl matchup against Kansas City / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Fred Warner is widely considered to be the best linebacker in the NFL, so you better believe we'll claim him in a heartbeat. His picture hangs outside the West side of LaVell Edwards Stadium, wearing his number 4 jersey While Warner had an excellent four-year career with the Cougars, tying Kyle Van Noy's record for interceptions by a linebacker, he's shined in the NFL.

Warner has anchored one of the NFL's best defenses over the past few years, and his inclusions among the NFL's best players on the All-Pro first team is a perfect indication of where he stands on the NFL ladder. The three-time pro bowler is a terror for any opposing offense, flying into the backfield and forcing turnovers on a regular basis.

Warner's NFL career is still young, but with his team's position as a powerhouse of the sport, don't be surprised to see Warner continue racking up the accolades as his career continues.

Honorable Mentions:
Marc Wilson - Quarterback
Dennis Pitta - Tight End
Chad Lewis - Tight End
Bart Oates - Center
Vai Sikahema - Kick Returner
Taysom Hill - Everything
Kyle Van Noy - Linebacker

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