BYU hires Will Voigt as an assistant coach

BYU Basketball's newest staff member has plenty to offer the program.
Will Voigt calls out a play as the head coach for the Nigerian National Team
Will Voigt calls out a play as the head coach for the Nigerian National Team / Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

BYU basketball has made another home run acquisition with assistant coach Will Voigt. Voigt is the third assistant coach brought into the program following Brandon Dunson and Chris Burgess. He is a long-tenured professional coach who most recently coached as the head coach for the Austin Spurs, San Antonio's G-League affiliate team.

Coach Voigt and Coach Young are looking to pair together as BYU basketball's Wonder Twins. Kevin Young is known as one of the best offensive minds in the sport, and now he'll be teaming up with a defensive innovator in Will Voigt.

Innovator, you say? Yes I do, disembodied internet voice. Voigt popularized the "peel and switch" technique during his career, which is a defensive tactic employed by coaches on nearly every level of basketball. Here's a terrific video explaining the technique step-by-step.

Familiarize yourselves with this technique; burn it into your brains. You'll be seeing BYU's defense do plenty of peeling and switching next season.

In back-to-back days, BYU basketball has made defense-first moves to strengthen that side of the floor. Kevin Young continues to ignore recent BYU basketball history with a team that is well-equipped to challenge the best offenses in the nation. While modern BYU squads have often operated like a trigger-happy gunman--run-and-gun and hope that no one fires back--this year's iteration is equipping itself to fight back on the defensive end.

Similar to the football team's acquisition of defensive coordinator, Jay Hill, Coach Voigt's hiring indicates a shift in defensive philosophy. The basketball team is working to boast a defense they can feel proud of.

Will Voigt adds even more professional hoops experience to BYU's bench. He'll land in Provo following stints with the Angolan and Nigerian National teams, two G-League teams, and a handful of international teams. Needless to say, Coach Voigt knows ball and is a fantastic addition to BYU hoops.

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