BYU Player Profile: Egor Demin

What will international prospect Egor Demin bring to BYU?
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Sadly for Cougar fans, Demin's plans don't include a 4-year term in Young's system. His sights are set on the NBA, and rightfully so. Early 2025 NBA Draft projections slate Demin as a lottery selection, and he won't hesitate to take that leap when given the chance. Coach Young's desired status quo is for his players to use BYU as a launchpad to the NBA. In other words, it may be best if you avoid getting attached to seeing players with NBA aspirations stay in Provo.

But is Demin ready for the highest level of basketball? While I believe he is ready to make that next step, understanding that every player has room for improvement is necessary when building Coach Young's direct line to the league.

Clips of Demin running pickup games with NBA players over the summer have circulated online. Of course, anyone can cherry-pick favorable clips while leaving out any mistakes, but Demin looked comfortable and steady as he ran the floor and operated within the offense. His playmaking ability is already NBA-level, and his shooting stroke should translate perfectly.

Demin's biggest concern is fortunately his most correctable defect. His greatest weakness is... well, his physical weakness. Of course, taller, longer players take longer to fill out their frame, and Demin's body is a far cry from puny, but to match the NBA's physicality, he'll need to add some muscle in this season with the Cougars.

On the defensive end, Demin has shown glimmers of good instincts. Using his wingspan, he's able to self-correct his course should he fall a step behind a driving ball-handler, capable of erasing a layup attempt. We'll need to see more from him on the defensive end to be a plus-defender, but the modern NBA game doesn't always necessitate elite defense when your offensive game makes up the difference.

Demin represents the new era of BYU basketball. As the team is currently constructed, Demin should be the offense's focal point, though point guard responsibilities may still lie with the retained Dallin Hall. BYU has plenty of offensive weapons for Demin to use at his disposal, and defensive grinders like Richie Saunders and Rutgers transfer Mawot Mag covering his six.

Demin's goal is the NBA, and BYU is here to help him reach it. Despite this fact, Demin's inclusion in the BYU program will certainly make for highly entertaining hoops under the roof at the Marriott Center. Who wouldn't love that?

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