BYU recruits AJ Dybantsa and JJ Mandaquit help Team USA dominate the FIBA U17 World Cup

USA's young stars destroyed the Chinese National Team in an international matchup.
JJ Mandaquit flies to the basket for Team USA's U17 squad
JJ Mandaquit flies to the basket for Team USA's U17 squad / ALTAN GOCHER/GettyImages

I'm going to break some news to you, but you have to promise to keep this between us: Team USA is really good at basketball. Despite the sentiment that the international game is growing more competitive by the day, the United States is back in its pursuit of international dominance.

Team USA's roster is rich with the greatest young hoopers that our nation has to offer, and dominant wins over France, Guinea, and China have been evidence that the foot is on the gas pedal for the Americans.

In their matchup against China, the squad made a statement victory. Reaching totals of 144 points, 43 assists, and 33 steals, the team claimed 3 FIBA World Cup records in one game. That is obscene. Like the legendary Kracken, Team USA's reach is inescapable, and they can swallow an entire crew for breakfast. Resistance is futile for adversaries of the United States.

So, who's on this unstoppable roster of youths? Who are the light bearers of this nation's bright hooping future? The top talent of the 2025 class populates Team USA's U17 team, and that includes some names that ought to be familiar to Cougar fans (and I don't mean the sons of former Jazzman Carlos Boozer).

If BYU's Kevin Young is a behemoth sandworm from the planet Arrakis, the best players from across the nation are poor, unsuspecting spice farmers moments from getting devoured. No matter where they stand in the infinite ocean of sand if they stand out in any way, it won't be long before BYU's recruiting team catches up to them.

Such is the case with top prospects of the 2025 recruiting class and BYU offers, AJ Dybantsa and JJ Mandaquit. Both players showed out for Team USA during this record-shattering FIBA World Cup run. Both players will be attending Utah Prep this year, and both remain uncommitted to a program (don't hold your breath, though. A year is a long time).

You can check out game highlights here, with Mandaquit wearing 8 and Dybantsa wearing 7.

BYU has impressive recruits on their radar. To be in a position where landing such high-profile athletes in Provo, Utah doesn't feel like a pipe dream is surreal. We live in an exciting age for BYU recruiting.

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