Chris Burgess will join Kevin Young's coaching staff at BYU

After some speculation, former BYU assistant coach, Chris Burgess, is returning to the bench.
Chris Burgess prepares his team before their matchup with Stanford
Chris Burgess prepares his team before their matchup with Stanford / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

While searching for a new head coach, a top candidate on everyone's list was Chris Burgess. He was an assistant coach for Dave Rose's staff before taking a job on Utah's bench for coach Craig Smith and the Utes.

Burgess was reported to have a strong interest in BYU's vacant head coaching position before it was filled by Young. Acquiring Burgess as an assistant after the big job was filled is huge.

Rumors spread that Burgess was still on BYU's radar following Kevin Young's introduction to Provo. Following Brandon Dunson's injection into Young's staff, BYU is getting another shot in the arm with the addition of Burgess. Burgess was a serious candidate for head coach and is almost overqualified for this post on the Cougars' bench. An excellent coaching staff just got even better.

BYU basketball has become the Bruce Banner-infused Hulk that we saw in Avengers: Endgame. With the intellect of Bruce Banner and the strength of the Incredible Hulk, Banner informed his compatriots that now he had the best of both worlds (yes, just like Hannah Montana). Now, with the seemingly infinite potential provided by Kevin Young and the thorough knowledge of college basketball navigation through Chris Burgess, BYU likewise has the best of both worlds.

Chris Burgess was reportedly a major player in Collin Chandler's recruitment, and many fans insisted that BYU should panic-hire Burgess in hopes of retaining the 4-star guard. With Kevin Young--now assisted by the likes of Burgess--BYU may have lost Collin Chandler to Kentucky, but with recent scholarship offers to some of the nation's top prospects, BYU may not be missing out if they can land a few NBA-ready talents.

Burgess' addition to BYU's basketball program is another blast of good news for a team that seemed to have no future after Pope's departure. And while we don't expect BYU to become Kentucky, the Cougars are better suited for success than ever before. Keep your eyes open for more good news for BYU basketball, because this is going to be fun.

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