FanDuel sets BYU Football's line at 4.5 wins

FanDuel has low expectations for BYU's 2024 football season.

Kalani Sitake calls a game against the Texas Longhorns
Kalani Sitake calls a game against the Texas Longhorns / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Donavan Mutin, JoVanni Stewart, Thabo Mwaniki, Tyler Allgeier, Masen Wake
BYU and Houston will face of for the first time as Big XII foes / Tim Warner/GettyImages

These are the games that I feel a loss is just as likely of a result as a win--a coin toss if you will. You can take this as me trying to temper my expectations, or you can take this as a surplus of optimism. The way I see it, BYU likely wins one or two of these games, but not all. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of these games if you cheer for a good game.

  • Home - Kansas State: The Wildcats are a great football team that is always a threat to compete for the Big XII championship. BYU tends to start the season strong and win a few surprise games before they plateau, and if this is a night game in Provo, the Wildcats could be in trouble.
  • Away - Central Florida: The Knights could break out as Big XII contenders at any time. The 2017 National Champions have the potential to break out this season, despite their sub-.500 record last season. Central Florida should be improved and frightening, but if BYU is going to steal a conference away game, this is the one.
  • Home - Houston: The Houston Cougars are in a similar position as BYU. A new member of the Big XII hoping to pull together a few big wins. Unfortunately, Houston's inaugural season in their new conference was even worse than the Provo Cougars', as they finished second-to-last in the Big XII standings. BYU often sputters down the stretch though, so I wouldn't be shocked if Houston steals a win here.