Jimmer Fredette wins MVP of the Quebec Challenger 3-on-3 Tournament

Fredette, the future Olympian, continues to dominate the 3-on-3 basketball scene.
Jimmer Fredette stands for his 2024 Team USA Media Summit player portrait
Jimmer Fredette stands for his 2024 Team USA Media Summit player portrait / Mike Coppola/GettyImages

Do you remember Jimmer Fredette? Of course you do. Fredette is the greatest player in BYU basketball history, National Player of the Year, and inventor of "Jimmer Range"--I'll fight anyone who said that Curry did it first.

Despite his disappointing NBA career, Fredette still has plenty to offer. I'm not talking about dropping 73 points in China or playing for one of the Euroleague's best squads in Panathinaikos. The career of Jimmer Fredette has been a layered one, and we need to peel back each layer to understand the man at his core, just as an ogre would to an onion.

The current iteration of Jimmer's career is that of pioneering the 3-on-3 game for the United States of America. As you're likely aware by now, Fredette is headlining Team USA's Olympic 3-on-3 squad and has been competing in 3-on-3 competitions across the world in preparation for the world's grandest athletic platform. In the recent Challenger Quebec event, Jimmer unleashed his infinite range upon his competition, leading his team to a first-place finish while earning MVP honors.

What makes Jimmer so valuable to Team USA? His shooting ability. Jimmer is known for his deep 3-point shooting, but many forget that he's among the world's best pull-up 3 point shooters. Yes, the entire world. With his team, Jimmer has proved to be capable of splashing deep-balls off the catch, on the move, off-balance, and everywhere in between.

At Quebec in particular, Jimmer sprinkled a firm reminder onto his competition of this simple truth: when matching up with Fredette, there's a very high chance of getting Jimmered.

Jimmer's signature move is certainly his 3-point shot, of course. But his most deadly weapon that often goes overlooked is his aptitude for self-creation. Jimmer's right-to-left crossover puts defenders on their caboose; he's an unstoppable freight train when he gets some momentum behind him.

For Cougar fans who still own real estate on Jimmer Fredette Island, his recent performances have been a beautiful walk down memory lane. Fredette, now 35 years old, is reaching the twilight of his hooping journey. We can't be sure when he'll play his final game of professional basketball, but seeing Jimmer do what only Jimmer can do brings happy memories.

Keep on hooping, Jimmer. Cougar Nation is behind you.

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