Kalani Sitake steps down as BYU head coach, making room for Andy Reid

The BYU football coach is publicly stepping down in an effort to lure the Chiefs' coach to Provo.

Andy Reid at the NFL Combine
Andy Reid at the NFL Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

It's a new age in BYU football, as the Cougars' first season as a Big 12 member is officially behind them and their focus has shifted to the future of their program. Head coach Kalani Sitake shocked the sports world by stepping down from his position in hopes of luring a larger name to the Cougar football program.

Andy Reid is the current head coach of the reigning NFL champion Kansas City Chiefs. After his third Super Bowl victory, some BYU fans still haven't given up hope that the mustachioed alum could return to his roots to lead the Cougars to victory.

Some have called Sitake's self-sacrifice a move made in vain, as a coach of Reid's stature is unlikely to abandon such a desirable position atop the football world. Having the honor of leading the most dominant football power of the past five years is every coach's dream, but coach Reid hasn't hidden his affinity for BYU's vacant head coaching position.

"Obviously, I've loved my time in the NFL," Reid told reporter April Fulstein at this year's NFL Draft Combine. "I wouldn't trade my time with this team for the world. That said, BYU is obviously the pinnacle of football power, and I'd be a fool to pass up a chance to ride the bandwagon down in Provo."

Kalani Sitake's run as the head coach of the football team has been uneven at times. While the sport's only Tongan head coach was the mastermind behind the Cougar's legendary 2020 season, he has also been at the helm when the Cougars struggled through the 2017 campaign and a 2023 season full of growing pains.

"I'm officially leaving my post as the head coach," Sitake reportedly announced via Fulstein, "I still have more in me, but this move is for the best interest of the program moving forward." Sitake plans to remain on the staff as an associate head coach, assuming the position from defensive coordinator, Jay Hill.

Andy Reid
BYU v Texas Tech / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

While never explicitly stating his reasoning for stepping down, Andy Reid's connection to his alma mater has been stronger than ever recently, attending BYU basketball games in the Big 12 Tournament, and reportedly appearing at Burgers Supreme on Freedom Boulevard on multiple occasions since his Super Bowl victory.

"If offered, I'd have a hard time declining a program on the level of Brigham Young Universtiy," Reid added, unsolicited. "That program is the future of college athletics, and they'll be the favorites to win the playoff next year whether I'm on board or not."

Following a 5-7 season, many are inclined to wonder if the former Coug has completely lost his mind since making statements on the Cougars' potential to stand alone on top of the college football world. But few know football better than Andy Reid, and even fewer would question his mind after coaching multiple Super Bowl winning squads.

Some have called Sitake's move brash and uninformed, but if a window has opened to secure one of the best names of the sport, the Cougars would be foolish to let an opportunity slide, especially with rival Utah's Kyle Whittingham reportedly considering similar action to his conference rival.

Stay tuned for more details relating to Andy Reid's impending move to Provo, as I'm certain we'll learn more information soon--especially as we open the month of April.

Yes, all just in fun for a little April foolishness!

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