Marcus Adams has entered the transfer portal

Promising recruit Marcus Adams announces that he will be transferring from BYU after one season with the team.
Marcus Adams in his one in-game appearance against Bellarmine
Marcus Adams in his one in-game appearance against Bellarmine / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Marcus Adams Jr announced that he will be entering the transfer portal following his first season with BYU. In a season where outside circumstances limited Adams' involvement with the team, he didn't see the floor for the majority of the season.

Adams had already transferred from Kansas and Gonzaga before landing with the Cougars this season, so news of his departure was heartbreaking for fans. It would be easy for the uninformed observer to suggest that a third transfer in two years is reflective of Adams struggling to fit on every roster he's joined, but the truth couldn't be further from the truth.

Adams' father suffered a stroke and passed away during the season, leaving Adams' mother alone. Adams will be transferring closer to home in California to care for his mother, and that is certainly the right decision.

His potential kept fans invested and tantalized by the value he could provide BYU in the future. While Adams' conditioning and availability for the Cougars wasn't what anyone hoped for in his first year, a difficult year off the court should be enough to help fans understand why Adams will be transferring home.

Despite his unremarkable season on the court, Adams is still a former 4-star recruit and has the potential to be a star in college basketball. Watching Adams progress and grow as a hooper should be interesting for BYU fans, despite not being with the team.

Life is bigger than basketball, and on behalf of Cougar Nation, we wish Marcus the best of luck moving forward.

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