Selection Sunday 2024: Time, Date & How to Watch

How to watch Selection Sunday, and what to expect for BYU.

March Madness' field will be set on Selection Sunday
March Madness' field will be set on Selection Sunday / Katharine Lotze/GettyImages

Welcome to March. Soon, social media will be flooded by parents forcing their babies to crawl towards sheets of paper bearing the logos of tournament matchups. Dogs will be shooting hoops into trash cans. You'll hear some mascot-based brackets choose the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks over the Stanford Trees, despite the fact that logging continues to be the deadliest job in the world. What I'm trying to say is this: March Madness is madness for reasons other than the outcomes of basketball games, but it doesn't start until Selection Sunday.

So, when is Selection Sunday, how can you watch, and how long do you have to wait to pick BYU as the national champions? (You know you want to do it. You may never have a chance like this again) All these questions and more will be answered in this article--you read the title, and that's obviously what you're here for.

USC v Arizona State
The 2024 Championship trophy / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

How to watch Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday will be on Sunday, March 17th. You can watch coverage of the event at 4:00 PM MST on CBS.

Now only two weeks away from the beginning of the most exciting part of the season, it's time to keep an eye on some of your "sleeper teams" and get excited for conference tournaments, which will begin following next week's games.

Keep in mind, the national champion will likely come from a top conference. The Big 12 has plenty of interesting candidates, including Houston, Iowa State, and even Kansas. Make sure to keep an eye on some mid-major conferences as well, since a team from one of those conferences will be breaking your bracket this season, and you'll sound really cool to all your hipster friends when you say that you "knew that Grand Canyon would be in the Final Four."

It's time to get excited!! March is upon us!