Should Jaxson Robinson return for another year?

Jaxson Robinson hinted at a possible return to BYU. Let's break it down.

Jaxson Robinson holds his follow-through after hitting a 3-pointer against Duquesne in the NCAA Tournament
Jaxson Robinson holds his follow-through after hitting a 3-pointer against Duquesne in the NCAA Tournament / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Jaxson Robinson had a career season in 2023-24. Prior to this year, he had bounced around college basketball programs from Texas A&M to Arkansas before finally finding a place in Provo, Utah.

Length and athleticism like Robinson's is hard to come by, and even harder to find is a player who wants to come off the bench if that's what his team needs from him. So, when Robinson was honored during senior night, fans were disappointed to hear that he'd set his sights on the bigger stage of the NBA. When an NBA prospect performs for a packed Marriott Center crowd, he's rarely taking the court for Brigham Young. Seeing him go will be difficult.

Following the Cougars' first-round upset loss at the hands of Duquesne, a distraught Robinson hinted that he was having second thoughts about his early departure. "This loss sucks. Like coach Pope said, [I] want to be back here next year. I'm already thinking about that." Robinson continued, "Coach Pope has been a great coach. He's helped me so much, mentored me. I wouldn't be here without him.

While many heard this quote from the Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year as a hint that he'll be returning for more action with BYU, I heard a disappointed player who regrets the outcome of his final collegiate basketball game. He's having second thoughts. Many people seem to think that Robinson is hoping to take a page from the George Costanza playbook and return to work after quitting by pretending that it never even happened. But life isn't Seinfeld, no matter how badly I would like it to be.

If I'm being objective, Robinson is leaving BYU to pursue his dreams of playing NBA basketball. I've made peace with that, and I think it's time you do too. We're friends, we can be honest with each other. Assuming you read the title of this article, you already know what the real issue of this situation is. Assuming Jaxson Robinson is moving on, is he making the right decision?

Robinson is leaving to go pro and has received NBA buzz during a year where he proved that he can be a reliable shooter and has the physical tools to develop into an effective role player if he lands in a favorable spot. Current NBA draft projections have Robinson slated near the end of the second round, if he gets picked at all. In a draft where top-end talent is sparse and role players are plentiful, Robinson may struggle to make himself stand out.

I know none of you expected me to say this, but Jaxson Robinson ended his season on a high note. The 6'7" Ada, Oklahoma native put the team on his back and scored a game-high 25 points, doing everything in his power to pick up the slack left by his teammates. He brought the team back in the game nearly single-handedly, and when the team stopped giving him the ball, they fell apart.

I don't know if Robinson gets drafted, and I'm even more uncertain about his chances of securing a roster spot on an NBA team, but I'm optimistic that he can have his moments. Though he's an older prospect compared to his peers, Robinson proved that he's capable of growth.

If Robinson makes an impact as an NBA player, he'll need to continue to develop his scoring efficiency and build some more strength. Robinson's potential is as high as he's given the opportunity, and if he finds a place with the right team, who knows what his limits could be? I wish him luck.

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