Did Jaxson Robinson withdraw from the NBA Draft?

The basketball world is still waiting to hear Jaxson Robinson's decision.
Robinson in his (possibly) final game in a BYU uniform
Robinson in his (possibly) final game in a BYU uniform / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

In military lingo, "radio silence" is a term used for circumstances when a side shuts down all forms of external communication. Typically, they do so to avoid having communication intercepted by an enemy or external entity. Last night, Jaxson Robinson went radio silent, and the internet can't handle it.

The deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft came and passed last night at midnight, eastern time, with no word from BYU's standout Robinson. He'd been preparing for the draft after the Cougars' disappointing first-round exit to Duquesne. Now, after the deadline has passed for Robinson to pull his name from consideration, no one knows for certain what he plans to do.

Suitors have been lining up outside his door in the closing moments of his decision, hoping to convince Robinson to return to college for one more season. The most prominent schools campaigning for his services are BYU, Kentucky, and Kansas.

It's wild to think how desirable BYU basketball players have become across the nation this offseason.

Internet detectives have been dusting for prints, digging for information, and scanning the world wide web to uncover Robinson's final decision. Following BYU's first-round tournament loss, Robinson expressed a desire to return to BYU for one last run, saying "[I] want to be back here next year. I'm already thinking about that."

But since Mark Pope's exodus, many speculate that a return to the NCAA would mean a year in Lexington. Kentucky would certainly be interested in landing his talents, especially as Pope is still fighting to cobble together a blue-blood rotation at his alma mater. With Kevin Young and BYU making waves in Pope's absence, landing Robinson would help steady the ship at Big Blue Nation.

Mark Pope
Former Kentucky basketball player and new Kentucky head coach Mark Pope, left, called athletic director Mitch Barnhart back to the stage so he could have a portrait with his actual game jersey as opposed to the random jersey Barnhart chose during his announcement at Rupp Arena in Lexington Ky. on April 14, 2024. / Sam Upshaw Jr./Courier Journal / USA

Though, worth keeping in mind is Robinson's ultimate goal of breaking onto the NBA scene. Coach Young has made his intentions clear when he told fans that he hopes to, "make [BYU] the best place to prepare young men to play the NBA."

If Robinson wants to develop his game to be NBA-ready, there may not be a better place to be than Provo, Utah. It's still crazy that I can say that with complete sincerity.

All is quiet from Camp Robinson, and that could simply mean that he has nothing to report. If he hasn't announced that he's withdrawn from the NBA Draft, he may just be staying put. His performance at the draft combine was fine, but didn't improve his draft stock. If his name is called on draft day, it would likely come at the end of the second round.

Should he return to BYU? Should he follow Coach Pope to Kentucky? Is it already too late? Questions, questions, so many questions! As the deadline was last night, we'd expect to hear some news by now. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait.

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