FanDuel sets BYU Football's line at 4.5 wins

FanDuel has low expectations for BYU's 2024 football season.

Kalani Sitake calls a game against the Texas Longhorns
Kalani Sitake calls a game against the Texas Longhorns / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Aiden Robbins
Aiden Robbins celebrates a touchdown against Oklahoma / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

To wrap this all up, I expect BYU football to win at least 5 games. They could win an additional 3 games, and even pull off a huge upset to steal an extra game or two. Of course,

I've never been a gambler. I'm not comfortable putting my money at risk based on my feelings about sports--my ideas are terrible. But after looking over the Cougars' 2024 schedule, I'm going to sell my house, my car, the clothes off my back, and even my dog, and bet everything I have on the over. 5 wins is more than possible, and I expect this team to play with a chip on their shoulder--they have something to prove. We'll see who's right after this season: the multi-million dollar corporation whose entire business relies on making accurate predictions, or the random BYU fan who thinks the Cougars are better than FanDuel's robots say they are.

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