Who's on BYU's basketball coaching staff?

With the significant turnover facing BYU's basketball program, where do we stand now?
Kevin Young with the Phoenix Suns
Kevin Young with the Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

After a bombshell dropping on BYU's basketball program in the form of head coach, Mark Pope accepting the top position at his alma mater, the University of Kentucky, BYU is picking up the pieces and the dust is finally starting to settle.

With players returning, recruiting efforts publicized, and new members of the staff being hired, now is a great time to take a step back and view BYU's renewed basketball foundation. So, who's on Kevin Young's bench, and what's left to do?


Kevin Young

Jan 19, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Phoenix Suns assistant coach Kevin Young against the Brooklyn
Jan 19, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Phoenix Suns assistant coach Kevin Young against the Brooklyn / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

By now, we all know about Kevin Young. The highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA declined head coaching offers across the league to join BYU. With high aspirations and the intention of making BYU an NBA pipeline for top prospects to prepare to enter the highest level of the game, Kevin Young is approaching the BYU job differently from other coaches historically.

From the honor code to the overall culture of Brigham Young University (or Kevin Young University according to Devin Booker), bringing in top talent from across the nation can be a difficult obstacle to vault. Young isn't viewing BYU's inherent challenges as an obstacle, though, as much as he sees the University as a special place for student-athletes to attend.

Because of Young, BYU fans have an unprecedented level of optimism about the state of the basketball program, and I already can't wait for the season to start.

Brandon Dunson - Assistant Coach

Former Stanford assistant, Brandon Dunson was the first coach to be brought onto the staff, and his experience in the world of college hoops should be excellent for Kevin Young as he adjusts to the college level of basketball.

Stanford struggled during his two seasons in Palo Alto, but he's been heralded as a terrific recruiter who has likely played a significant role in BYU's recent home run swings at top recruits. At Stanford, Dunson helped the Cardinal secure the 32nd-rated recruiting class that included Andrej Stojakovic--who was a 5-star prospect and McDonald's All-American prior to his underwhelming freshman season.

With Dunson on the bench, coach Young has an experienced recruiter in his back pocket. And speaking of experienced recruiters...

Chris Burgess - Assistant Coach

Needless to say, Chris Burgess' return to BYU is a welcome addition to the bench. Most Cougar fans would have been happy to retain Burgess as the Cougars' head coach (obviously before we knew that Kevin Young was a real possibility), so snagging the former Utah assistant has us bursting with excitement.

Burgess is an expert recruiter who has helped Utah snag some of the Beehive State's top recruits over his tenure--some of whom, like former Wasatch Academy player Keba Keita, may be prepping for a jump to Provo.

Coach Young raved about Burgess' inclusion, per Jay Drew via X: "Chris and I quickly connected. I was impressed with how he sees all the aspects of college basketball. He has a bright mind for the game and is very forward-thinking. He will be a great asset to our players and our program."

Doug Stewart - Chief of Staff

Doug Stewart has a unique role to play on Kevin Young's staff. Before coming to BYU, Stewart served as Nevada's assistant athletic director.

Stewart was an assistant under coach Young while he was the head coach of the Delaware 87ers of the NBA G-League. When Stewart left Young's coaching staff to head to Nevada, Young shared that Stewart was: "a very smart basketball coach who is always thinking the game." He went on to add, "Player development comes natural[ly] for Coach Stewart because of the way he’s able to connect and communicate with players" For a head coach who'll be learning the college game on the fly, Stewart's inclusion makes sense.

Chief of staff isn't a typical coaching position, and he won't fill one of the five available coaching slots. Among other duties, Stewart will be involved in managing NIL and other advisory roles.

BYU has 3 open spots on their bench, so be sure to keep your eyes open for more hirings to emerge in the coming months. The team has controlled damage in the fallout of Pope's exit, and now the Cougars have enough stability to be patient when filling out Young's staff.

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