Wes Welker Tells BYU Football Recruit He Has "50 Reasons" to Not Go To BYU

Yesterday completed BYU’s annual Junior Day. It’s an event where high school juniors and other prospects in 2014 class get to see the BYU Football program up close.

One of the more heralded recruits that BYU is pursuing in the 2014 class was on campus for this event, Grossmont Junior College WR, Nick Kurtz.

Kurtz, who already has received 10 offers, tweeted out yesterday while at BYU’s Junior Day, “Time of my life right now. Everything I expected and more.”

Good review for BYU I’d say.  Seeing that tweet compelled Denver Broncos WR, Wes Welker to chime in.  Why is Welker involved?  See Welker, a Texas Tech alum, his alma mater is one of those 10 schools who has offered the talented Kurtz.  Here’s what Welker had to say.

Name the last WR in the league from BYU? Maybe Wes, should ask his new Quarterback.  Peyton Manning could tell Welker a thing or two about a guy named Austin Collie.  Prior to his multiple concussions, Collie was on track for 100-receptions in 2011.

What about Dennis Pitta?  One of the Top 100 players in the NFL going into 2013, and a defending Super Bowl Champion?

Or how about BYU Senior, Cody Hoffman who is considered a Pre-Season All-American heading into the 2013 season by Phil Steele?

Those sound like some good reasons to go to BYU.  What are your 50 Wes?  The Provo Daily Herald’s Phillip Morgan had a piece on those 50 reasons.

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